Fight club bouts probed at home for the retarded

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Seven minimum wage employees at a state-run home

Super Retard

Retarded Strength!


for the mentally disabled have been suspended for allegedly staging a “fight club” among residents.

Wilson says the videos show mentally disabled adult clients punching, shoving, and striking each other while the employees watch.

These retards were all bloody and hurt. There is a rumor that one of the employes took a video on an iPhone but that is not verified.

Wilson calls the abuse “appalling.” He says police expect to file charges against several employees by the end of the week.

The school opened in 1970 and is home to about 360 people, according to the Web site of the state Department of Aging and Disability Services

Corpus Christi Police Captain says the fight clubs were uncovered when someone gave an off-duty police officer a cell phone containing videos of fights at the Corpus Christi State School,


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