Parasailers Glide Over Migrating Stingrays

In August 2012, Michael decided to take his 8-year-old daughter parasailing for the first time. It was definitely a case of beginner’s luck that saw them encounter a large fever of stingrays. They are



Stunning Drone Footage of Erupting Chilean Volcano

Andres S. used a DJI Phantom2 Vision+ drone to capture jaw-dropping footage of the Calbuco volcano while it erupted on April 22nd, 2015. A state of emergency was declared in the region and thousands w



‘Outrageous Acts of Science’: Human Catapult Launches People Off Bridge Into Deep Gorge

DIY engineer Jason Bell created a sweet human catapult in the comfort of his garage. And after initial testing, he decided it was time to start launching people of a bridge in West Virginia–a natural



House Gets Swept Away by Flash Flood in Australia

More than 80 homes were severely damaged when a flash flood hit the town of Dungog, New South Wales, Australia. Jarod Rits woke up to sounds of snapping power lines and crashing debris and managed to



An Unlikely Traffic Stop Captured in the Wilderness

When Henry travelled along the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota on April 18, he was hoping to catch a glimpse of some early spring wildlife. Instead, he and other vehicles were brought to a stop w