Fight club bouts probed at home for the retarded

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Seven minimum wage employees at a state-run home

Super Retard

Retarded Strength!


for the mentally disabled have been suspended for allegedly staging a “fight club” among residents.


SWAT Called, Gunman Pissed Over Price Of Taco Bell Burritos (VIDEO)

SWAT Called, Gunman Pissed Over Price Of Taco Bell Burritoslets party with guns at taco bell! (more…)

Glenn Beck 9/12 Project Hosts Cryathon on Fox

Glen Beck

This is an american hero. nuff said -from his show on Thursday night. (You know, the one where he suggested that the president should shoot him in the head and/or set him on fire?) tirade, whose proximate cause is a proposed immigration overhaul, is rife with wackiness, but one part in particular caught my attention. At around 3:29 in the video (embedded below), Beck—having graciously not set his guest/prop on fire—turns to the camera and, with rising, ahem, urgency, addresses his most important (and undoubtedly most loyal) viewer: