San Francisco woman dies after drinking toxic tea

She fell critically ill after drinking tea from a Chinatown herbalist.



The week’s 5 weirdest news stories: KFC sunscreen, parkour fail and more

Welcome back to another Offbeat, where we’ve collected the top five strangest news reports of the week as chosen by the tenured professors at the Ryan Lochte School for Kids Who Can’t Crime Good.



The Offbeat: Weirdest news of the week, Aug. 26



The Offbeat: Naked Donald Trump, Pokemon Go (of course), public-sex pigs and more

Welcome back to The Offbeat, where we’ve just replaced our team of weird-news researchers with a crateful of absinthe-addicted marmots.



The Offbeat, Aug. 18: Pokemon Go, Black Olives Matter, more



The Offbeat: Racist Pokemon, scaling Trump Tower and fighting crime with pasta

Welcome back to another edition of the week in weird, where we announce the strangest events to hit the wires hours before we air the footage of the actual competition.



The Offbeat: Pokemon Go, Whopperito, more, Aug. 12, 2016



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