Man hides in porta-john, down in the shit to be a peeping tom

Police arrest alleged portable toilet peeper in Vail

The man accused of getting into a porta-potty and watching women at a Yoga festival in Boulder says it’s his “hobby.”
Thirty-year-old Luke Irvin Chrisco talked to 9NEWS from the jail in Vail where he is being held.

Japan makes burger from human feces SHITBURGER (VIDEO)

In Japan they used a special process and made meat from shit. This completes the food chain with a delicious shit burger. Or you can call it a poopburger if you think the word is offensive.

yum shitburgershitburger

A team of Japanese researchers lead by Mitsuyuki Ikeda of the Okayama Laboratory have created a way through which the biological process of consuming food then passing it can be cyclical. Yes, they’ve created a way to make edible “meat” out of human excrement.


Fight club bouts probed at home for the retarded

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Seven minimum wage employees at a state-run home

Super Retard

Retarded Strength!


for the mentally disabled have been suspended for allegedly staging a “fight club” among residents.


Woman arrested after pita thrown at cab driver, totally messing up his beard!

Boulder, Colo. — Police in Boulder say a 28-year-old woman with an outstanding warrant for her arrest was found because she threw her pita sandwich at cab driver. The sandwich MIGHT of had very spicy hot sauce on it (attempted murder if cab driver allergic).

pita sandwich in your face, bro (more…)

Elephants go buck-wild and get CRAZY in small town in India

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Rampaging elephant in MysoreThe three-hour rampage caused panic in the streets of Mysore
Two wild elephants have gone on a rampage in southern India, killing at least one person, officials say.
elephants left a trail of destruction in a suburb of the city of Mysore, in the state of Karnataka.

Officials say the animals walked into the city from a nearby forest, leaving residents running for their lives.

Officials say that one elephant barged into a women’s college compound and wandered the grounds, while the other wreaked havoc in a residential area.

Forest rangers and officials from Mysore Zoo later captured and tranquilised the animals.


Star The Miracle Dog, Shot 40 Times And Buried Alive, Survives (VIDEO)

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UPDATE – THIS DOG IS NOW DEAD! These stories of survival are simply incredible, like this dog, who survived over 3 dozen gun shots from a pellet gun and a burial. The stray dog, named Star by her rescuers, was found buried up to her snout in sand in Malta.


SWAT Called, Gunman Pissed Over Price Of Taco Bell Burritos (VIDEO)

SWAT Called, Gunman Pissed Over Price Of Taco Bell Burritoslets party with guns at taco bell! (more…)

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