The Offbeat: Poop Cafe, Pokemon will destroy you, more

Hey there and welcome to another week of The Offbeat, where we here at Offbeat Central, a co-op vegan pedal-powered co-working space in a repurposed downtown loft, bring you the week’s news of the strange, the weird and the latest from Florida.



The Offbeat, Aug. 5



The Offbeat: Crowdfunding hippies; yin and yang of Pokemon

This week: British hippies, ‘Pokemon Go,’ election monkey business, students prank Google with Harambe, cooking urine



The Offbeat, July 29



The Offbeat: Pokemon Go, Trump’s tiny wall and more

Welcome back to another edition of The Offbeat, where our crew of disgraced former Trump speechwriters labors in a swamp-cooled shed somewhere near Tonopah to bring you the week’s weirdest news stories. Think of it as a breath mint for your brain.



The Offbeat: Week of July 22



The Offbeat: Pokestop fails, Jaws returns and building a better butt

Every week, the crew of the satellite station in geosynchronous orbit over Gilbert monitors Earth communications for the weirdest news. Here are this week’s top picks, including a synthetic kiester, beaver attacks and Colorado’s mystery bear.



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