Japan makes burger from human feces SHITBURGER (VIDEO)

In Japan they used a special process and made meat from shit. This completes the food chain with a delicious shit burger. Or you can call it a poopburger if you think the word is offensive.

yum shitburgershitburger

A team of Japanese researchers lead by Mitsuyuki Ikeda of the Okayama Laboratory have created a way through which the biological process of consuming food then passing it can be cyclical. Yes, they’ve created a way to make edible “meat” out of human excrement.


Juicy pizza bacon burger uses innovative bacon dreamcatcher!

this is delicious and dangerous!


This just in.. Bacon Bra

Bacon Bra

Just in time for valentines day fellas…the bacon bra


Burger art, this guy paints with hamburger grease!

Burger Butt

So Greasy! (more…)

Delicious burrito made from cheese and bacon only!!!

Good taste and good for your health too! Woven bacon is neat (more…)