Juicy pizza bacon burger uses innovative bacon dreamcatcher!

this is delicious and dangerous!


What kind of Porno would you like with your Burger

In England, two entrepreneurs realized they would have an easier time selling hamburgers out of their food truck if they gave away free porn to anyone who spent more than five pounds on hamburgers and beer. To sweeten the pot, porn movies even played inside the van, so hamburgers-and-beer-and-porn lovers could watch the sexy videos while waiting in line for their meat. Un-shockingly, the folks who lived in the area were not amused by the van’s presence over the course of two weeks, and the meat van got busted in an undercover sting operation. At that point, “the caravan was seized.” Holy Hamburglers! “It is unbelievable customers were being offered porn DVDs with their beer and burgers at an outlet that did not even have the necessary licenses,” an officer noted. One imagines it would be a challenge to get a license to sell hamburgers and and porn. So, no more burger-and-porn van for you.

Cheeseburger in a can: bought, cooked, and eaten!

THIS IS SO AWESOME. One curious individual has gone and bought himself a cheeseburger in a can. Just the other day, I posted about the German website that was selling the cheeseburger in a can for about $6. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but now here’s proof in pictures. (more…)

Burger art, this guy paints with hamburger grease!

Burger Butt

So Greasy! (more…)

Mexico pissed off at Burger King over ‘Texican’ whopper ad

Mexicans are pissed off at this Burger king ad, but they arent saying how it tastes or talking about the lil short Mexican.


World’s Largest Easter Egg!!

On display today in the Russian town of Akaban is the worlds largest easter egg.  Sponsored by the chamber of commerce the egg weighs in at over 4,000 Kilos