Riot at Chuck E. Cheese Leaves Several People Facing Charges (VIDEO)

Chuck E. Cheese, the fun children’s restaurant with video games is not where one would expect a riot to occur, but that’s what happened when two families began fighting over a long line at the photo booth.

Rednecks Riot At the chuck e. Cheese


Chicken-Loving hippie KFC Protester Detained by Singapore Police

A man wearing a chicken costume was hauled away by the Singapore police on Thursday, June 10, 2010, after trying to stage a one-man demonstration against a local KFC outlet.


Burger King selling a Windows 7 Whopper in Japan

whiopper windows 7

Instead of your computer crashing you can crash yourself with a heart attack.


Father Throws 10 Month-Old in Boiling Water on a Dare

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A 10 month-old Taiwanese girl was severely burned at the hand of her father last week in Taiwan.

girl boiled Father Throws 10 Month Old in Boiling Water on a Dare picture

Chinese Girl Has Basketball Instead of Legs

who needs a segway! (more…)

Strange Humanoid Carp Found in Pond

The hybrid descendants of a carp and a leather carp (tangerine fish) are the new sensation in the small South Korean town of Chongju because of their humanoid facial features. (more…)

man-eating catfish found by chinamen

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In china they call this a catfish!