Cannitrol: Quit Using Marijuana?

"This is More complex than Chantix Vs Marlboro"

Now Available on line ( is an all-natural product that takes the pain out of stopping or quitting smoking pot.

Regardless of its legal status or cultural acceptance, a lot of people (have) smoke(d) weed. This of course includes people that end up smoking more than they feel they should be.

Stopping Marijuana use can mean headaches, irritability, mood swings, the inability to sleep, generally acting like a D-bag and more for some people. (more…)

Japan makes burger from human feces SHITBURGER (VIDEO)

In Japan they used a special process and made meat from shit. This completes the food chain with a delicious shit burger. Or you can call it a poopburger if you think the word is offensive.

yum shitburgershitburger

A team of Japanese researchers lead by Mitsuyuki Ikeda of the Okayama Laboratory have created a way through which the biological process of consuming food then passing it can be cyclical. Yes, they’ve created a way to make edible “meat” out of human excrement.


German restaurant in hot water over giant schnitzels

BERLIN – A German restaurant operator has run into trouble with local tax office because he makes larger-than-average schnitzels — or veal cutlets — for his customers in a working class section of Saxony.

Gerhard Kaltscheuer said his giant schnitzels are popular in the town of Hammerbruecke and he sells about 70 dishes per day. He said tax officials told him they believe he sells 200 portions daily based on the amount of raw material he purchases.

“If I served the customers smaller portions at the normal price like that, I wouldn’t have any customers because that wouldn’t fill them up,” Kaltscheuer told Reuters. He said he makes his portions large because his customers are laborers.

Kaltscheuer said he is protesting a demand from the tax authorities to pay more tax based on a higher number of food sales. His story has been reported widely in the German media and there was a rally on his behalf on Monday.

A spokesman for the tax office, asked about Kaltscheuer’s case, said that he was not able to discuss it.

Juicy pizza bacon burger uses innovative bacon dreamcatcher!

this is delicious and dangerous!


Porky Pig gets a beatdown! Thats all folks!!

GURNEE, Ill. — Police said authorities at Six Flags Great America ejected two off-duty employees from the theme park after they allegedly attacked a female colleague dressed as “Porky Pig.” Gurnee Police Sgt. Jon Ward says two young men took a photo with Porky on Monday afternoon, and then punched the mascot in the head 10 to 15 times.

Witnesses reported seeing Taras Sikalchuk and Dmytro Petrychenko hit the woman on the back, sides and top of her head after posing for a picture with the Warner Brothers character,

Ward said park security detained the men until police arrived. He said the men wereissued local ordinance citations for battery.

He said the suspects denied the attack, but witnesses confirmed the story.

Porky Pig

The 24-year-old woman inside the mascot costume suffered headaches and a stiff neck.

Idaho cops catch up with alleged condiment vandal

BOISE, Idaho – Police have arrested a 74-year-old woman who is accused of repeatedly dumping maple syrup, corn syrup, ketchup and mayonnaise into a library book drop in Idaho’s capital city. Authorities

This old lady was putting ketchup and crap in the book drop, what a crazy old hag.

BT-condiments-gallery-793.jpg (more…)

Riot at Chuck E. Cheese Leaves Several People Facing Charges (VIDEO)

Chuck E. Cheese, the fun children’s restaurant with video games is not where one would expect a riot to occur, but that’s what happened when two families began fighting over a long line at the photo booth.

Rednecks Riot At the chuck e. Cheese


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